Loveland, CO, 12/14/2022 - Business Fraud Prevention is awarded the Google nonprofit ads Grant

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., a Colorado based nonprofit organization received approval from Google for their grant program “Google for Nonprofits”.  With advertising and marketing being a pivotal and very costly part of any organization, the generosity from Google to be awarded with their grant for Google Nonprofits has given the organization the means to get in front of the people and businesses who need their services. This grant is an enormous value that will be used to fulfill their mission to protect smaller organizations and the elderly against fraud and financial crimes.

Loveland, CO, 05/19/2022 - Local Non-Profit Cofounder Featured in May/June Issue of Fraud Magazine®

Local Certified Fraud Examiner Julie A. Aydlott was selected to be the featured CFE in Fraud Magazine’s May/June 2022 issue. A longtime resident of Loveland, CO, Aydlott has been recognized by Fraud Magazine for her career and work in the fraud and investigative field. Her specialization in small- to medium-sized organizations and passionate advocacy for small business success were highlighted in the extensive interview. “With over fifty thousand amazing CFEs throughout the world, it is an absolute honor to be the featured CFE in Fraud Magazine’s May/June issue for 2022. I am very humbled by the recognition from my peers,” said Aydlott.  Aydlott, who owns Aydlott Fraud Examinations, LLC, works through attorneys on employee embezzlement and tax violation cases for both criminal and civil matters. Aydlott is also the president and cofounder of Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., a Colorado 501(c)(3) that provides free fraud prevention and internal control training to smaller organizations. The non-profit’s mission is to empower small businesses against fraud and embezzlement. It was this mission that caught the attention of Fraud Magazine.  According to the ACFE’s Report to the Nations, smaller organizations continually rank higher in occupational fraud frequency and loss compared to larger organizations. Business Fraud Prevention has already held two small business fraud and internal control training events since October 2021. The first included a partnership with an interstate bank with branches in Colorado and Texas; the second took place in March 2022 and held a national attendance of investigative professionals and business owners. As part of the program, Business Fraud Prevention also provides crisis internal control examination services, in which the program Vitalics – Vital Internal Control System, created by Aydlott in 2011, is sponsored and implemented. This provides small businesses with a simple to use system of internal controls specifically crafted for each organization’s size, budget, and capacity. The Vitalics program has been a valuable tool for the past 11 years in reducing and preventing fraud. To move forward with its mission, Business Fraud Prevention recently added elderly fraud and abuse to its training and emergency services, both of which will be available by the end of 2022. The training will cover fraud prevention and provide information to help reduce fraud when a caretaker or family member gains power of attorney, establishes control of assets, and obtains a newfound ability to embezzle. Due to the manner in which this fraud scheme is perpetrated, Business Fraud Prevention has classified it as occupational fraud, thereby expanding the non-profit’s mission scope.

Loveland, CO, 01/21/2022 - Local Non-Profit Receives IRS 501c3

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., a Colorado based nonprofit organization officially received their 501c3 nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service on January 21, 2022.  Business Fraud Prevention is dedicated to providing fraud resources, services and training to smaller organizations as well elderly victims of caregiver fraud and embezzlement. Their mission is to protect smaller organizations and the elderly against fraud and financial crimes.

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