Examinations during a Divorce

Divorce is a very difficult time and adding the legal element to the case it becomes stressful to the splitting couple.  Examining the books and records for a divorce case to try and locate irregularities and possibly hidden income and assets is a common practice.  A CFE may be a great fit for your divorce case especially if fraud is suspected.  A CPA may be more realistic for the courts for a financial review.  If you bring in a CFE on a divorce case I have been present as an expert witness where the judge viewed it as a witch hunt. 

Conducting an Examination

Each divorce case is different and depending on the scope of the engagement not every case is accepted.  Due to this, if we have a colleague that we can refer that would be available or a good fit we will forward your contact information.  Our firm will only work through your attorney.

  • We will not accept any case documentation for review prior to a retainer and fully executed engagement agreement
  • If we do receive case documentation prior to an executed engagement agreement and retainer we will not review the documentation
  • DWP – Designation without permission – if we are designated as an expert witness without our permission we will bill the attorney for our designation fee and if it is not resolved, we will notify the judge presiding the case.  Our CV clearly states that designation of our name constitutes acceptance of our retainer agreement and the retainer and designation fee is owed.  Please be advised that we do not accept cases with unrealistic timelines.

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