Please Donate to Business Fraud Prevention Today

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc. is dedicated to providing fraud resources, services and training to smaller organizations as well elderly victims of caregiver fraud and embezzlement. Our goal at Business Fraud Prevention is to protect smaller organizations and the elderly against fraud and financial crimes. The cost to fight fraud is a tremendous burden to the victims. Your support and donations makes our goals possible.  

How to support our nonprofit organizations mission

Direct Donation

You can easily make a direct donation to Business Fraud Prevention through PayPal with your debit or credit card.  Whether you can donate $1.00 or $100.00, every dollar counts!

Donate $100 and get Vitalics Free

Become a Sponsor

You or your organization can sponsor Business Fraud Prevention through our events, client services or website sponsorship. Please contact us for a customized sponsorship package today.

YouTube Channel

If you are limited on donation budgets or you want to give more, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel Business Fraud Prevention Inc in order to help monetize our training content.

Where your donations go

Business Fraud Prevention and Examination Services – 65%

  • Small Business Internal Control Audits
  • Small Business Internal Control Setup
  • Small Business Fraud Examinations
  • Elderly Financial Reviews
  • Elderly Fraud Examinations

Fraud Prevention Seminars – 35%

  • Small Business Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Seminar
  • Elderly Fraud Schemes and Prevention Seminar

Business Fraud Prevention services that support our mission are another great way to support our nonprofit.  If your business or personal revenue is above the grant limit for free services, our reduced cost service fees go back into the organization for another business or individual to qualify for free or reduced services. Keeping the costs low while providing fraud prevention services and training allows us to reach our goals.

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., knows that people have so many wonderful nonprofit organizations to choose from when supporting their cause and making donations. We humbly seek your support with our nonprofit organization so that we can continue our fight against fraud for the victims who do not have the finances or resources to fight.