Elderly Financial Abuse Review

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc is is also on a mission to lower fraud risks and losses for the elderly who are at risk of elder financial abuse.

As part of our commitment to serving the elderly community, we are providing financial reviews for the elderly who are at risk for caregiver and or family embezzlement of their personal finances.  We are classifying this type of review as occupational fraud due to the nature of how these types of embezzlement schemes can and do occur. If you are searching for a lawyer who can assist you with your elder financial abuse case, please send us an email and we can possibly refer an experienced attorney for you to contact.

Elderly financial abuse and embezzlement can occur with either a caregiver or in home health services professional. Unfortunately elder financial abuse can also be perpetrated by a trusted family member whether immediate or distant. The end result is theft, embezzlement and stealing leaving the elder victim in financial ruins. Elder financial abuse occurs when either a trusted caregiver or a trusted family member has complete control of the elders financial information, including having a full power of attorney. Caregiver and family elderly financial abuse is a catastrophic problem, and without the proper eyes looking out for our elderly, they are putting too much trust in individuals that have access to all of their assets.

A financial review of the elders bank and investment accounts to see if fraud or embezzlement is present is provided on a free or reduced fee grant basis through Business Fraud Prevention. The grant amount is dependent on the individuals assets, income and financial resources.

The average length of a time it takes to review the financial information and records is dependent on how many bank and investment accounts the individual has.

Our financial review examiners will complete a review the individuals books and records covering a specific period of time. Upon completion of the examination, the examiner will meet with the individual(s) and discuss the findings of the review.  In this type of review, a basic findings report will be written for your records. The review will cover the following based upon total work completed.

Internal Control Audit

Review financial data
Prepare Executive Summary
Final Meeting

As of January 01, 2023 we have updated our grant based services structure. We are currently serving the Colorado and Wyoming area. Some of our reviews can be completed virtually and out of state. Contact us to see if we are able to complete a financial review in your area.

2023 Grant Awards and Fee Structure

Annual Income Industry Rate Grant Reduced Cost RPH
Up to $ 55,000 $175.00 p/h 100% $0.00 p/h
$55,001 to $90,000 $175.00 p/h 95% $8.80 p/h
$90,001 to $110,000 $175.00 p/h 90% $17.50 p/h
$110,001 to $150,000 $175.00 p/h 80% $35.00 p/h
Over $150,000 $175.00 p/h 70% $52.50 p/h

If you believe that you or someone you love is a victim and do not have the funds to hire a professional investigator to review the financial records, please submit your request for a consultation.  If we are unable to help you with your case, we help get you to the right organization or law enforcement.

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