Financial Investigation

Providing financial investigation and fraud examination services for small to medium sized organizations whether in a civil or criminal matter.


Recent Cases Include:

National Non-Profit Organization


Fraud Examination for a bookkeeper embezzlement / incompetence case. The findings and report eliminated the accusation and resulted in the non-profit changing its expectations for volunteers and setting up proper control procedures.


Construction Company Partnership


Fraud Examination and QuickBooks set up of a construction company and real estate partnership. Client agreed to a favorable settlement prior to jury trial resulting in complete ownership of the corporation.


LLC Fraud Investigation


Fraud investigation for possible international real estate Ponzi scheme. Prepared detailed investigation and case report and submitted to various federal agencies.

When to Have a Fraud Examination

Are you not getting your financial reports on time?  Do your margins look off?  Are you having cash flow problems and wondering where your money is going?  Embezzlement cases are not always cut and dry and the smoking gun isn’t instantly visible.  Fraudsters are very clever at covering up their schemes for years before anything is discovered.   Unfortunately this usually results in a devastating financial loss for the organization. 

Conducting a Fraud Examination

Each fraud examination has different circumstances based upon the business and the suspect involved.  If you feel your business is a victim of employee embezzlement, vendor fraud or bribery, it is important that you don’t jump the gun which could throw a case.  It is important to contact an attorney with fraud experience before proceeding forward with an investigation.  At the outcome of the investigation if fraud has been discovered, not all District Attorney’s will take a case which may only leave you with the option of civil action against the perpetrator.  It is important to discuss this with your attorney.

  • Prepare a detailed list of your suspicions along with any evidence or documentation you may have
  • Contact Legal Counsel with Fraud Experience to set up a meeting on how to proceed
  • Work with Attorney to hire a CFE – or have your CFE refer an Attorney
  • Do not terminate the suspect or lead on that you suspect them – their continued employment may be beneficial to the case
  • Do not discuss your concerns with anyone outside of your legal team to avoid the suspect from potentially finding out
  • Secure computers and company assets
  • Prepare yourself for a potentially lengthy and emotional examination

It is also important to know the ugly truth about who commits white collar crime.  It is not a crime that is limited to your stereo-typical career criminal.   Don’t stick your head in the sand because you think it would be impossible that Suzie the most perfect bookkeeper for the past 20 years wouldn’t embezzle from you.  Ask the victim organizations how honest Suzie has really been.  These perpetrators are;

  • Friends and Neighbors
  • Pastors
  • Grandma’s and Grandpa’s
  • Children
  • Successful and rich business owners
  • Famous people
  • and yes family which is very common

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