IRS Scam Caller

Here is my latest IRS scam caller.

I had more fun with this one.  For the past few months I have been getting calls on my business line for someone named Homer.  Well, I don’t have any colleagues or employees named Homer and apparently someone was trying to show me by giving my office line, P.O. Box and business information out on a list stating that Homer worked here.  While I was out of my office for a few days there were several messages from the IRS regarding a Case ID for this phony Homer character.  Getting sick of the calls, I called the phony IRS call center back and started recording.  This time however I decided I would play into the phone call as Marge, Homers wife.  I mean really, who else would be Homers wife right?  As the scammer became more determined to get Marge to fork over thousands of dollars because Homer was going to be arrested, I decided to throw in a big twist for good old Marge Simpson.   Please be advised that I did use a few curse words in the recording but nothing you wouldn’t hear on TV anymore.  Once again, the IRS is not going to call you and demand you go to Walmart to get gift cards to pay a tax debt.

Also given credit to the U.S. Government, broke up a vast IRS Phone Scam arresting 21 suspects.

You can read the full article on the The New York Times website.   While the IRS Scam Callers are a huge money maker for these illegal organizations, please be aware that phone calls are now pouring in for grant scams as well as Medicare scams.  Don’t fall for it and don’t let your loved ones fall for it either.  With school coming back young college students will be targets to the IRS scam as well.  Make sure you educate your kids as they are heading off to college and if they receive any phone calls that just don’t sound right and the caller puts the fear of arrest, being deported, or even being kicked out of school, tell them not to engage in the call and block the number.

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