Phony Cashiers Check Shipper Fraud Scheme

I had the joy of corresponding with a scammer who was trying to pass a phony cashier’s check by ordering a dress on Poshmark.  The dress was listed for $39.00 and the scammer first requested that I e-mail them directly instead of talking about the item through Poshmark.

I responded as the scammer requested and 7 days of email communication took place.  The scammer asked what my bottom line price would be and said they were out of town.  This is a typical scenario for a pay and return fraud scheme.  The scammer sends the victim a phony cashier’s check for a substantial amount more than the listed product.  They will then request the over payment to be wired via Zelle, CashApp or other cash payment method.  The scammer has so many different accounts set up that they frequently change “shipper” payment methods during the transaction.

When the scammer asked me for my information – keep in mind I am using an alias email and name – I sent them my alias name and gave them the physical address for the FBI office in Denver.  I didn’t think that they would be that stupid to actually send the phony check there but they did!

Due to the submission of the communication with the scammer to the FBI And Postal Inspector, I can’t include the content of the communication at this time.   I will upload it once I am authorized to do so.


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