• Must have a valid Zoom account / free or paid
  • Must attend the training to receive Vitalics
    • Attendee will receive email instructions to Vitalics
    • Access is granted after the training
  • Cost to attend is free
  • Must be associated with a small business to register
  • Registration is limited
  • Donating is not mandatory but appreciated

The presentation covers:

  • Actual case studies
  • Guest business speaker – Victim of employee embezzlement
  • Common small business fraud schemes
  • Prevention measures
  • Detection measures
  • Internal control training
  • Vitalics Internal Control Forms
    • Free Vitalics Internal Control System
    • Only one program per registered business
  • Questions and answers

Friday November 17, 2021 Webinar – Small Business Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Training

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Friday 11/17/2021

Zoom – 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Mountain Time


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