Small Business Fraud Prevention Seminar

Join us for our next fraud training presentation during Fraud Week! This presentation is virtual. Registration information is located here.

Business Fraud Prevention and Internal Control Training Free Seminar

  • Pre registration is required
  • Attendance is free
  • Must be with a business to register
  • Minimum attendees per webinar is 100
  • The presentation is three hours and covers

    • Actual case studies
    • Common fraud schemes
    • Prevention Measures
    • Internal control training
    • Vitalics internal control system
    • Question and answers
  • Includes the Vitalics internal control system

Upcoming Business Fraud Seminars

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Business Fraud Prevention is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that depends on sponsorship, grants and donations in order to provide free fraud prevention and internal control training.  Please donate to our organization so that we can reduce the fraud risks within small businesses!


If you are registering for a free training event, please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of the training.