Help BFP Reduce Fraud and Scams!

By supporting Business Fraud Prevention, our sponsor Vitalics is providing the Vitalics Small Business Internal Control System for FREE for everyone who donates $100 to our mission. Whether you use the internal control system for your own small business, or you provide your free access to a business who you wish to support, the donation grants you one free license usage to help us help you lower fraud risks.

With your donation, Business Fraud Prevention will be able to continue our mission by:

  • Working on solutions to lower fraud and scams
  • Provide fraud prevention and internal control training
  • Provide free grants to assist in setting up internal controls
  • Provide free grants to assist the elderly in a financial review
  • Provide videos and content on fraud, scams and prevention

Vitalics is a simple to use internal control and accounting policy and procedures system that includes over 145 internal control checklists, templates and forms for smaller organizations. Vitalics was created to be easy to follow and implement, and be the missing link when there is a lack of job segregation. Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., is proud to partner with Vitalics to sponsor a simple to use solution that helps reduce fraud, risks and embezzlement in smaller organizations. To learn more about the Vitalics Small Business Internal Control System, please watch the video below.

To get your free Vitalics program, use the Paypal button make your donation below. Once the donation is recorded, you will be contacted by Vitalics with instructions on how to download your forms and program. Please allow 24 business hours as we do not submit the full donation list until the end of each business day. The download and access will come directly from the sponsors website.

If your organization needs assistance in setting up your own internal control system, or help with the fraud risk assessment questionnaire, please contact Business Fraud Prevention today. Our grant services for internal control and risk assessment are provided for free, or at a reduced cost fee structure depending on the size of your organization.

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Please make a donation to Business Fraud Prevention today, to help us continue our fight against fraud. Your donations support small business and elderly fraud prevention, training, videos and reviews.