Business Fraud Prevention has one goal in mind. That is to reduce the risks of occupational fraud in smaller organizations so that they have a fighting chance. Fraud continues to rank highest in small businesses due to the lack of internal controls and fraud prevention training. The average fraud loss for a small business is $150,000 however the standard fraud loss is actually $795,000. Something small businesses can’t afford.

Our program of internal control training and small business fraud seminars are key to significantly lowers those fraud statistics. In order to do this, we need to provide these services to the small business community for free and rely on donations, sponsors and grants.

Whether you are a large corporation with annual allotments to sponsoring programs, a local organizations such as banks, CPA firms, Law Firms, Insurance Company’s or other organizations that depends on the small business for their revenue, you are impacted as well.  Please contact us so that we can show you the importance of how we use our sponsorship funds in order to provide free fraud training to the small business industry.

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