Fraud and embezzlement is not a victimless crime

Small Business Fraud Prevention Sponsors

Business Fraud Prevention has one goal in mind. That is to reduce the risks of occupational fraud in smaller organizations and the elderly so that they have a fighting chance.  Fraud continues to rank highest in small businesses due to the lack of internal controls and fraud prevention training. The average fraud loss for a small business is $150,000 however the standard fraud loss is actually $795,000. Something small businesses can’t afford.

Our seminars and training program for small business fraud prevention and internal control training  is key to significantly lower fraud statistics as they relate to smaller organizations. In order to do this, we need to provide these services to the small business community for free and rely on donations, sponsors and grants.

Whether you are a large corporation with annual allotments to sponsoring programs, a local organizations such as banks, CPA firms, Law Firms, Insurance Company’s, retirement communities or other organizations please contact us so that we can show you the importance of how we use our sponsorship funds in order to provide free fraud training to fight the ever grower problem of fraud and abuse.

Elderly Fraud Prevention Sponsors

Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., is also on a mission to protect our elderly from fraud and embezzlement schemes perpetrated by caregivers or family members who have authority over their finances. Our program is currently being created for free webinars and seminars as well as emergency grant based fraud examination services. Please support Business Fraud Prevention, Inc., today to help protect and prevent our elderly from losing their livelihood.

Elderly victims of embezzlement schemes where caregivers or family members take control of their finances is a growing problem.  This is considered financial abuse and costs millions of dollars per year to unsuspecting victims who trust their caregiver or family member by signing over their power-of-attorney. Business Fraud Prevention is on a mission to educate the elderly against becoming a victim. We classify elderly financial abuse as an occupational fraud scheme, unlike phone scams, or other scams that the elderly fall victim to because it directly impacts the day to day work of a caregiver or family member.

Our seminars and training programs for the elderly are key to significantly lower the impact of the fraud losses that they incur from embezzlement schemes. In order to provide training, we need to provide these services the elderly community for free, and rely on donations, sponsors and grants to do this.

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