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Some of our latest telephone scams and fraud calls

  • Comcast Xfinity Scam Call
  • Geek Squad Scam
  • Microsoft Support Scam
  • IRS Scam Call
  • Amazon Scam Email
  • Norton Email Scam

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Recent Telephone Scams - Scam Call Videos


Such a polite Geek Squad call center scammer who turns into an FBI Agent to tell me foreigners got into my computer from my internet provider. I received back to back calls from the scam call center so I decided to play around with them and pretend to be Clara Clayton. I didn’t let this one last too long and called out the scammer when he wanted me to give him access through my computer run prompt.


Amazon PayPal Norton Email Scam. Had the scammer on the phone for over 40 minutes using investigative techniques. Scammer was made aware that I was a CFE about 10 minutes into the scambaiting call. He admitted to what he really thinks about American’s. The scammer stated that the victims are in reality their “customers” and that American’s are stupid.

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Fake Geek Squad service renewal email sent to Certified Fraud Examiner who called the number listed 877-741-4603 to waste their time for a good 13 minutes so they weren’t busy scamming someone else.  The call is ad-libbed and the scammer actually became judgemental over my pretend time in jail!

Email used a blind carbon copy which went to the CFE. The main email went to an unknown individual, but I did use their email and last name in the phone call so the scammer would “pull up the account”. This call was completely ad libbed.

Elderly victims unfortunately have been falling victim to the Comcast Xfinity Service Scam. Make sure you share this video with your aging relatives so that they know not to fall for this typical Gift Card scam!

The scammers are at it again. Here is a long 30 minute Comcast Xfinity gift card scam call I received this morning. You can fast forward to the good parts, but I wanted to be able to show what this scam sounds like, the lengths they go to make you believe you are signing up for Xfinity internet and cable services at a low $79.99 fee – but pay them $320 in Target gift cards. Scam number spoofs a cell number but the call back number for “Comcast new services” is 844-493-2609. The secondary number they have you call is 855-624-7999.

Comcast Xfinity Service Gift Card Scam

The Comcast Xfinity Scammer is clearly trying to get me to go to my system configuration file to give them access. This is where they will take over your system, lock your files and according to the scammer, extract your pictures hoping for nudes in order to blackmail you. This guy was trying to act like he didn’t know Scammer Payback as well, but you could tell he did, and he knew that if anyone would and could trace his location it would be Scammer Payback. He also wanted to know if I had a Only Fans account because he would instantly join – while his fiance is allegedly working with him. He also did have a pretty good come back about me being Liam Neeson.

Comcast Microsoft Security Config Scammer

Credit Card Diverted Shipment Scam

Case study – Credit Card stolen / compromised. A large purchase was made with Houzz and the product was “shipped to the cardholders address”. The credit card company denied reversing the fraudulent charge and failed to do a proper investigation into the charge.

Credit card company was negligent and failed in their fraud investigation as the investigation by a Certified Fraud Examiner showed that the shipment was redirected in transit by the scammer.

Watch this video to learn how to prove your case by proving the shipment was diverted in transit to have the charge reversed. This is a common “Diverted Shipment Scheme”. We were not able to locate the direct point in when the credit card was compromised, but the timeline was consistent with the typical gas station fraud card reader that was very active at the time.

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